Family Relation


Q13 Did Seattle’s mayor go too far in texting tug-of-war with City Council member? (VIDEO) SEATTLE — Just testy text messages … or did Seattle’s mayor go too far? Mayor Ed Murray appeared to be making... INTERVIEW: What’s easier for Griffey? Hitting a golf ball or hitting a baseball? SAMMAMISH,...
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Thrills Big Brown Blog

"Hola, In spite of all of the challenges associated with being a parent (the responsibility/ finances/ patience/ focus, etc) and yet any damn body is permitted to do it. You need a license to sell 25- cent cups of lemonade in your own driveway, but you wanna have a kid, no worries! This simple...
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Dan Sanders

The Prodigy's Blog "Spontaneous Self-Implosion, Rambling Thoughts (Ignore the Selector)"

Today's blog comes from one of my dad's mentors, Dan Sanders: Warning: Reading this could cause an emotional convergence of brain waves, not to mention a total collapse of the accepted order of things. Look! It’s Rambling Harbor up ahead. In the only political news from me this week, after the...
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