Air Fryer Wins the Quarantine Cook Off Home Cooking Food

Homemade has a whole new meaning for all of us right now, so why not make the most of it?! Thrill recently got an air fryer and we wanted to channel his fantastic timing and find out what all the fuss was about. We all suddenly find ourselves cooking at home more and more and creativity is...
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Company Splits $10 Million Bonus Between 198 Employees Couple Who Matched on eHarmony Were Also a Kidney Match Jack Black's Favorite Holiday Movie Is "Elf" . . . Forgot He Was in "The Holiday" Jack Black forgot he was in a holiday movie for a second there pic.twitter.com/b6KdWR1hXY — Variety (@...
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Prodigy and Sara

The Prodigy's Blog "Do parents love their children equally?"

We all know the story. Parents say they love their children equally. There's no way they could pick a favorite among them. Turns out, it all may have been a lie. Earlier this week on the show, BJ read a new study that says about 70% of parents say they could pick their favorite child. So of course...
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