Where Did THAT Come From?

Hola Bitcholas. I love that people download our app and listen to the podcast. It means a lot to us that people wanna hear everything we do. That said, sometimes it can lead to an embarrassing confession. For example, this week we asked "who called the police and why?". Well, at one point today, we...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Lets Us Down Easy

Hola, I'm not gonna lie to you, I totally forgot too write a blog today. Yesterday, I just DIDN'T because I was feeling lazy. Today, I truly forgot. That said, I'm putting this pathetic bit of script forward to try and appease you. I know I've failed you. Get used to it. Letting people down is...
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Thrills Big Brown Blog

"Hola, I'll be honest with you... totally forgot about the blog today. I'm sure I should worse about it, but I just don't. However, I do apologize if you're the person who reads the blog. I'll do better tomorrow. Well, probably. OK, I'm outta here. Until tomorrow, do what you do best and STAY...
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