beer pong

When You Teach Your Dad a Drinking Game

Joey Deez and Ooh Sara taught their dad how to play beer pong, but is he up for learn a new challenging game?
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Dice Tower West BJ Shea

Dice Tower West 2020!

BJ Shea's Geek Nation is traveling to Vegas next week for Dice Tower West 2020!
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board games

Holiday Board Game Gift Guide 2019

Happy Holidays! That means it's time to do that last minute gift shopping you said you weren't going to put off but did anyways. On the latest episode of the Board Game Alliance episode of BJ's Geek Nation, we ran down a giant list of games to the gamers in your life (no matter what their level of...
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Board Gaming for 25 Hours For Charity!

It's that time of year again! Not only are we moving our clocks back for the year, but we are also board gaming for 25 HOURS all in the name of helping sick kiddos! That's right, Extra Life is back, and this year, BJ Shea's Geek Nation/ BJ's Board Game Alliance has teamed up with Zulu's Board Game...
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Natalie Menjibar, 9, is watched by her father, Jose, while playing a video game at the 5th Annual Game On Expo at the Phoenix Convention Center on Aug. 11, 2019. Game On Expo

The Top 20 Video Games of All Time

Earlier today, we were on the topic of video games and we ended up talking about the website Metacritic which recently took the average reviews of all the video games to find the best videos games of all time! All the games are from across all platforms and they do note that they only considered...
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2018 Dice Tower Award Winners

Good news everyone! The Winners of the Dice Tower Awards 2018 have been announced! Check out all the winners (and our thoughts on the latest podcast) below! BGA ep 71 - The 2018 Dice Tower Award Winners Game of the Year: Root by Leder Games Best Theming— Detective: A Modern Crime Board game by...
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The Other Football a Plenty

Hola Bitcholas, As a fan of soccer and a Sounders season ticket holder I should be ecstatic about the idea of going to three different games this weekend. Sadly, the Sounders don't figure into it. No, my son, Lil' Pele, has THREE games this weekend. Three. Two on Saturday and one on Sunday. I'm...
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Elder Die by CatDragon Games

Good Day My Fellow Geeks! This week on the Board Game Alliance episode of BJ Shea's Geek Nation, we started a new segment called "Special Delivery"! It's where we review how the Kickstarter we backed turned out down from placing the order, any drama during development, if they delivered on time and...
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Redfestival is Coming!

Hola Bitcholas, Redfestival is 'winter is coming''s a ways off, but inevitable. It's September 14th. Usually, Redfestival happens about 30 days after we announce it, so having some notice is nice. More importantly, it gives us more time to try and curate the things we really want...
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District 9: The Boardgame by Weta Workshop

Hola my nerds! It's been a week and a half since Emerald City Comic Con and I think I am finally back on track with life. I caught up on sleep, the crud is pretty much gone, and my feet are no longer sore! That being said, it has been nice to recap some of the best moments! One of them being when...
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