You Want This Bod?

Hola Bitcholas, Today we conducted another legendary, infamous, Mens Room Poll. Today we asked you to pick a physical body to spend your life in. Keep in mind, you don't get to live THEIR're still you, but you will live in the body of: Andre the Giant Gary Coleman Donatella Versace? If...
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Loud and Local Playlist for April 2nd, 2017

Ten Miles Wide – Gotta Go Ten Miles Wide – The Gross Dust Moth – Night Wave Iron Dragon – Bangs To Heaven Iron Dragon – Get Some Iron Dragon – Close To The Bone Iron Dragon – Pink In The Middle Wounded Giant – The Road To Middian Wounded Giant – The Room Of The Torch Wounded Giant – Vae Victis...
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Ted's Blog: Blue Turf/Boise

I have stated many times that college football is a passion of mine, well tailgating college football is a passion of mine. I always enjoy seeing new traditions and different college football stadiums. This year I am going to two different ones and last weekend was the first trip of the season for...
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