Girl Scout Cookies


Q13 Amazon moves into Girl Scouts cookie business … and girls in green aren’t happy Missing Thurston County man believed to be victim of homicide; 'We want Steev-o back' KING 5 'Middle ground' fix would lower car-tab taxes, protect ST3 projects GSK recalls almost 600,000 inhalers nationwide KOMO 4...
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Taryn's Wreckreation Guide: Pairing Girl Scout Cookies w/ Beer

POWERED BY VISIT BEND It's an evil time of year, but one of my favorites, nonetheless. Just when I finish dropping the extra 10 pounds of holiday weight, the Girl Scouts are posted up outside every grocery store I frequent. Talk about taking one step forward and two steps back! Since I was born...
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Joey Deez Blog "Girl Scout Cookies"

Girl Scout Cookies are officially on sale now in Washington and that means it’s finally time to break out the stretchy pants and ditch the diet. After the holidays I feel like many of us try to eat better and hit the gym which is awesome but we all need a cheat day…or three. Mine starts with the...
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