A 'Life-Size' Godzilla Theme Park Attraction Is Opening Next Year

Attention theme park lovers! You are in luck if you love Godzilla! A Japanese theme park is set to unveil a brand new attraction that will feature a “life-size” replica of the terrifying fictional movie monster, according to CNN . Next summer, the Nijigen no Mori (Awaji Island Anime Park) theme...
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Let Oxygen Destroyer Prepare You For "Godzilla :King Of The Monsters"

On May 31st, all will be destroyed by the almighty force known as Godzilla. If the trailers for the Michael Dougherty directed film “Godzilla: King Of The Monsters” are any representation, this latest incarnation of the classic Kaiju story will be nothing short of badass. Seriously, though. Check...
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Movies 2019

Welcome back Rock-A-Holics! I hope you had a great holiday break. I know I did! So much so, that my liver is still recovering from a tad too much “celebrating”. We’ve officially kicked off our first week of 2019 and I’m already on the edge of my seat. Why you ask? Because of all the amazing movies...
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