Guns N Roses

WATCH: Angus Young Performs with Guns N Roses

Last night in Australia (the opening line of every good story), Guns N’ Roses performed at ANZ Stadium in Sydney as a part of the “Not in This Lifetime Tour.” But this wasn’t just any performance—they brought legendary AC/DC guitarist Angus Young on-stage, and it. Was. Awesome.After Axl Rose...
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Rock Blog: Happy Birthday Axl!

Guns N’ Roses are in Australia right now, on a world tour that’s crushing every city it sets down in, with another three-hour romp of hits. Also today, Axl Rose, born William Bruce Rose Jr., celebrates the big 55! Happy Birthday Axl! Video of "Welcome To The Jungle" - Guns N&#...
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Rock Blog: The Top 8 Albums From 1991

Take yourself back 25 years. No matter where you were, no matter what you were doing, 1991 provided a soundtrack to your life. That, of course, is provided you were alive and consuming music back then. The biggest impact on music was the death of the Sunset Strip and the birth of Seattle, or as the...
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W/ Duff and Sean

In late 2010 Duff McKagan, Sean Kinney and I sat down in a studio here at KISW with the idea of doing a radio show. I don't think any of us had any real structure in mind aside from Duff is the host, Sean is the co-host and I'll be the producer. What came out of that day was something like 2 hours...
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Migs Blog: Steven Adler Returns To G N R!

Last night something truly incredible happened for us music fans. I will try my best not to gush about this, but for anyone that knows me…you will understand why this is such a musical moment. I have been a lifelong Guns N’Roses fan. Like many of you, Appetite For Destruction is one of the greatest...
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It happened. It really happened

The name of the tour says it all. “Not in this Lifetime.” Press, fans, hell people close to the band all said it: “I’ll be surprised if these shows happen.” I wasn’t a naysayer, but if you would have asked me to put money on the shows going off as promised I probably wouldn’t have taken that bet...
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