Guns N' Roses

Migs Blog 04/20/16 "John Cena vs. A Dude I Know!"

This is INSANE! So I am a huge wrestling fan, and I was pumped to see that John Cena is hosting a reality show on FOX that happened to be filmed here in Washington (in the Puyallup/Eatonville area) called “American Grit”. The show features four decorated US military veterans mentoring teams of four...
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It happened. It really happened

The name of the tour says it all. “Not in this Lifetime.” Press, fans, hell people close to the band all said it: “I’ll be surprised if these shows happen.” I wasn’t a naysayer, but if you would have asked me to put money on the shows going off as promised I probably wouldn’t have taken that bet...
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Migs Blog 04/11/16 "Guns N' Tulips"

What an awesome weekend…something rather huge happened this weekend, yup…you guessed it… I drove to Mount Vernon to check out the Tulip Festival. How was it? I tweeted my review: Drove 3 hours to see flowers. — Steve Migs (@ImSteveMigs) April 9, 2016 This trip was one of...
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My Top 10 Concert Videos 2015

Hard to believe with my iPhone I achieve the quality and sound of video clips you see and hear at concerts. With my YouTube channel going over the 2million views mark tonight thought I'd post my fav Top 10 concert clips I know will give ya a flashback to 2015! "Iron" Mike Temple of Dog/Layne Staley...
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