happy hour

Joey Zoom

BJ & Migs Happy Hour Drawing Challenge

The BJ & Migs crew will be doing another Happy Hour on the KISW Facebook page tomorrow (May 16, 2020) and will be doing another drawing challenge voted on by you! Find out what we're drawing and more!
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BJ & MIgs Live Happy Hour

The BJ & Migs Quarantine Happy Hour

The BJ & Migs crew host a virtual Happy Hour!
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happy hour food

Happy Dragon Hour

Lots of stuff is going on for Joey Deez this weekend between multiple Happy Hours and the Seattle Dragons!
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Book Your Flight After a Flight!

Hola Bitcholas, Today we asked, "Good or bad, what did you buy drunk?" There was the usual variety of junk food, dumb kitchen products from late night TV and clothes, but my favorite was the guy that booked a trip around the world. It wasn't so much his story, but his attitude. See, he strongly...
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