Christmas In July : Jam This Brand New MASTODON Song

Ever wonder what Mastodon covering Metallica would sound like? We will get the answer to that on September 11th, as the heavy-hitting Atlanta based band will be releasing a new collection titled “Medium Rarities.” Along with the Metallica cover, it will also feature covers of Feist and The Flaming...
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BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Dirty Dirty

After three years of regional tours supporting two EPs, the “loudest rhythm section in Seattle” began work on a full length album feeling they had discovered a channel for heavy, noisy fuzz rock that complimented the lyrical and vocal energy of their song writing, as well as moving towards a less...
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Brothers Of Metal : Daniel Racines From Rat King On Following His Brother's Path To Metal (and much more)

Daniel Racines and his big brother Ricardo Racines grew up together in Ecuador. Daniel recalls borrowing metal CD’s from Ricardo and discovering a whole new world of heaviness. Years later, Daniel moved in with his brother Ricardo in Arizona and then later to the Northwest. Six years ago, the...
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New Jersey Metalcore Machine: Interview With Will Putney From END and Fit For An Autopsy

Will Putney is an unstoppable force in the world of hardcore and metal. Not only is he one of the founding members of the popular deathcore band Fit For An Autopsy and metalcore supergroup END, he has produced and recorded hundreds of albums by bands such as Knocked Loose, Demon Hunter,...
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Talking Death Metal, Scars and Quarantine With Shelby Lermo From ULTHAR and VASTUM

Shelby Lermo is the guitarist and vocalist for the crust caked Bay Area blackened death metal band Ulthar, who recently released their 2nd album “Providence” on 20 Buck Spin. He is also the guitarist for long running Oakland-based brutal death metal band VASTUM. I recently spoke with Shelby Lermo...
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Suicide Silence Embark On Game Changing Virtual World Tour

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, you’ve got to admit that what Suicide Silence is about to do is pretty neat. The band has rented a full-on sound stage and is gearing up to embark on a full on worldwide “virtual tour.” Instead of hosting one stream where everyone around the world can tune in, the band has...
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FCON Spreads The Northwest Hardcore Punk Reality

Although Northwest hardcore punk band FCON might not be able to play shows right now, they aren’t letting that keep them silent. The band is currently raising money for “King County Equity Now” through the sales of merch and music. It’s safe to say that FCON isn’t shy about their messaging – one...
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Moscow Death Metal : Interview With KATALEPSY Guitarist Anton Garasiyev

Russian brutal death metal band KATALEPSY is gearing up to release their brand new album "Terra Mortuus Est" on July 31st via Unique Leader Records. I spoke with guitairst Anton Garasiyev via skype from his home in Moscow, Russia about everything from his early introduction to nu metal, the Russian...
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ACT FAST: You Can Watch Gojira Live at Red Rocks For Free (For A Limited Time)

French metal badasses Gojira have given us a quarantine present of epic proportions. Gojira has offered up their long-awaited 2017 concert from Colorado’s famed Red Rocks for free until Thursday May 21st (tomorrow afternoon) at 1pm. So if you’re reading this in time - sit back, crack open a...
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Husbandry Vocalist Carina Zachary On Making "Weirdo" Music, Finding Her Voice, And The Importance Of Deftones

In a world of extremely segmented mini-genres, scenes and labels, it’s refreshing when you come across a band that can’t be put into one specific category. Brooklyn-based band Husbandry certainly fits that description, as they play a unique mélange of catchy punk rock, post hardcore and metal that’...
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