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Ted's Blog: Still Watching the NHL Playoffs

I am a Washington Capitals fan, as I have blogged about in the past, but with them out of the playoffs I am still watching (and now cheering for) the Nashville Predators. I have decided to start to cheer for them for a few reasons, but number one would have to be: PK Subban. I saw a story on him a...
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Ted's Blog: NHL Playoffs

This past week, the National Hockey League started its post season with the first round of playoffs. I am not a huge hockey guy, but the NHL playoffs are pretty awesome and even if you are not into hockey- start watching some! I just spent the last weekend in Spokane with the world-famous Tacoma...
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Migs Blog: Draft Party!

I know I have talked about these crazy hockey tournaments that I go on before, but yet again I had an INCREDIBLE time this weekend in Richmond B.C. for a Draft Tournament. The Draft Tournament is one of the most fun times I have…I compare it to going to a High School reunion…only I’m going to see...
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