Northwest Wrestling Profile: "The Weirdo Hero" Randy Myers

Photos by Mark Johnston The moment Etta James' iconic anthem At Last hits, the diehard fans of DEFY wrestling (aka The Defyance) is on their feet. By now they are fully aware what this means - it's time for their "Weirdo Hero" Ravenous Randy Myers to make his way to the ring. Typically Randy soaks...
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My 2019 Wrestling Predictions

If the past 365 days are any indicition, 2019 is going to be an insane year in the world of wrestling. We're only 3 days in and we've already experienced the passing of a legend - R.I.P "Mean" Gene Okerlund - and have witnessed the formation of a promising new wrestling company - All Elite...
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Northwest Wrestling Profile: Daniel Makabe

I decided to do something a little different for my Jabroni Journal column this week. Instead of spotlighting an upcoming event here in Seattle or giving my predictions for the next major WWE Pay Per View, I wanted to take a closer look at an individual making waves in our local wrestling community...
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