Jack Endino

Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday September 15th, 2019

Final Body - Curtains DedElectric - Patriot Maklak - The Big Boss MKB Ultra Interview MKB Ultra - Dress for the End of Time MKB Ultra - Paper Tiger, Sacred Cow MKB Ultra - Mind Loser MKB Ultra - Before You Sink MKB Ultra - Meet Me In The Trees MKB Ultra - Before You Sink MKB Ultra - Something's...
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Exclusive Music Premiere: Devils Hunt Me Down - "I Am That I Am"

Video of Devils Hunt Me Down - I Am That I Am Devils Hunt Me Down announces In Medias Res : an epic tale composed of three separate four-song EPs to be released throughout 2017. “I Am That I Am” is the first single—exploring authenticity and self-realization over a canvas of dirty grooves—available...
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New Blood: Soundgarden

SubPop announced today that they'll be releasing a remixed deluxe edition of Soundgarden's 1988 album Ultramega OK. Soundgarden was never happy with the original mix of Ultramega OK and see this as a "correction." After the band got the original multi-track tapes back in 2016 they put Jack Endino...
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