Jason Bourne

Migs Blog: Your New Action Hero - Migs!

Yesterday I did something rather random… Coming soon:2 Former Seahawks (Tafoya, Babineaux), a rapper (Kid Sensation), and a radio guy (me) take over Enumclaw pic.twitter.com/G2nIP2tVsP — Steve Migs (@ImSteveMigs) August 9, 2016 What is going on? I can’t say…mainly because I am not even sure what we...
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The Prodigy’s Blog “Batman vs. Jason Bourne”

There’s never a boring day here at the station and today was no exception. During Beat Migs, Steve decided to wear a Batman mask he printed out from the internet in hopes that it would give him a winning edge. Although it looked hilarious, it gave him no super powers and quickly resulted in a...
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Migs Blog: I'm Batman?

Matt Damon was interviewed by Extra, and they asked him who he thinks would win in a fight… Jason Bourne or Batman. Of course he said Jason Bourne. Video of Matt Damon Says That Jason Bourne Could Take Batman in a Fight This, for some dumb reason, inspired me to print a Batman mask and make the...
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