Joey Deez Blog "Tuesday Funny"

Today’s Tuesday blog is going to be short, Cyanide & Happiness short! Yes that’s right; one of my favorite YouTube series has released another devilishly dark video. This time, a boy takes his jokes a bit too far and his father isn’t happy about it. Sounds like something I know too well. Check...
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Joey Deez Blog "Bad Jokes"

It’s throw down Thursday Rock-a-Holics and what better way to start off the day than an awkward moment between celebrities. The ESPY awards happened yesterday and host Peyton Manning tried to make a joke about Durant being traded to the Warriors. Let me tell you, Durant did not look pleased after...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Has Off-Air Fun

Hola, Here's a sad truth; as soon as the mics are off, we say the absolute worst stuff in the world. Not in a "bad" way, per se, but in a highly offensive and in, what we believe is, a funny way. Race jokes, religion jokes, gender jokes and a murderous dressing- down of each other. Busting balls...
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