Justin Bieber


Q13 Court ruling on concealed weapons in public will not affect Washington state, activists agree SAN FRANCISCO -- A federal appeals court ruled on Thursday that there is no Second Amendment protection for concealed weapons -- allowing states to prohibit or restrict the public from carrying...
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Migs Blog: Craig Gass Gets Bad Advice!

If you have been listening to our show for a while, you know how much we love Craig Gass. Craig is one funny dude that has been a bud of mine for a long time. Craig also seems to be friends with every rock star known to man. Name the band… Pearl Jam...yup… Alice In Chains…Yup…Disturbed…Yup…...
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BJ's Morning Sickness

What would you guys think about a new feature on BJ & Migs? BJ's Morning Sickness! We could bitch ALL MORNING LONG about what we are SICK of. People leaving time on the microwave? YES! Idiots driving slow in the fast lane? YES! Justin Bieber??? DOUBLE YES! We all have pet peeves and they...
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