Moscow Death Metal : Interview With KATALEPSY Guitarist Anton Garasiyev

Russian brutal death metal band KATALEPSY is gearing up to release their brand new album "Terra Mortuus Est" on July 31st via Unique Leader Records. I spoke with guitairst Anton Garasiyev via skype from his home in Moscow, Russia about everything from his early introduction to nu metal, the Russian...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday August 5th, 2017

Hour Of Penance – Cast The First Stone Infant Annihilator – Soil The Stillborn Life Of Agony – River Runs Red Thou Shall Kill –Kingdom of Shadows Thou Shall Kill – Doomsday Creation Bolt Thrower – World Eater Origin – Accident and Error Accept – Die By The Sword Unearth – The Great Dividers From...
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