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Talking Death Metal, Scars and Quarantine With Shelby Lermo From ULTHAR and VASTUM

Shelby Lermo is the guitarist and vocalist for the crust caked Bay Area blackened death metal band Ulthar, who recently released their 2nd album “Providence” on 20 Buck Spin. He is also the guitarist for long running Oakland-based brutal death metal band VASTUM. I recently spoke with Shelby Lermo...
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My Mid-Year Top 20 Metal Albums

It’s safe to say this year has been a huge blur. I honestly had to do a double take when I realized we are already halfway through 2020. Though we’ve all been thrown off by the complete trash fire of a year that it’s been, there have still been a ton of incredible albums released within the realms...
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Lamb Of God Unleashes Their Brand New Self Titled Album

After a bit of a pandemic-forced delay, Lamb of God has just dropped their tenth studio album upon the world. The self-titled album is the first without original drummer Chris Adler. Adler’s replacement is the highly skilled drummer Art Cruz. The album features guest appearances by two metal heavy...
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This Friday : 100% of Bandcamp Proceeds Go Directly To Artists as Company Waives Revenue Share

Buy some music on Friday to support artists directly!
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Death Metal, Dungeons and Dragons and all things "Verminous" : A Conversation with Trevor Strnad from The Black Dahlia Murder

This past Friday, The Black Dahlia Murder released their highly anticipated 9th album “Verminous.” This record finds the band hitting the perfect blend of brutality and catchiness – something the band has downright mastered. It’s not exactly an ideal time to release an album, as the band had to...
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Check Out This Badass Metal Cover Of YES

Colorado-based tech metallers Allegaeon are no stranger to the world of classic prog rock. Back in 2016, they made waves with their excellent rendition of Rush’s “Subdivisions.” And now, just four years later we can all thank the nerdy prog rock Gods above, as Allegaeon has blessed us with yet...
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Killer Kross - Straight From The DEFY Ring To The WWE Performance Center

Congratulations to Killer Kross! After being granted his release from Impact Wrestling near the end of 2019, the 34-year-old Las Vegas-based standout was one of the most sought-after free agents on the independent wrestling scene. When Killer Kross showed up on Friday night to face off against the...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday January 5th, 2020

Glenn Cannon and the Damage Done - Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper cover) Glenn Cannon and the Damage Done - Criminal (Fiona Apple cover) Midnight Daughter - Moon Dust Detönatör‎ - Rock N' Roll Burn Burn Burn - Nemesis House Darkness Stole The Sky - End Of Your Rope Clay City - Better Weather Duke...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday December 28th, 2019

Slayer - Angel Of Death (Live) The Acacia Strain - Sin Pro-Pain - Make War (Not Love) The Top 30 Metal Albums of 2019 Countdown 30. All Out War - Gehenna Lights Eternal - from "Crawl Among The Filth" (Unbeaten) 29. After The Burial - Exit, Exist - from "Evergreen" (Sumerian) 28. Vitriol - I Drown...
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point one

Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday December 8th, 2019

Boxcutter PNW – Bed Of Nails Car 87 – Sin Land of Wolves – Sitting On The Top OP Potbelly – Fight Point One Interview Point One – Bodies For Freedom Point One – Oxygen Point One – 99 Percent Point One – People are People (Depeche Mode cover) Point One - My Worst Enemy Point One – Fight blackQueen...
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