Leo Moracchioli

Migs Blog: It's Friday!

On Friday’s for Beat migs we always play that silly Rebecca Black song, “Friday” … you know it: “It’s Fridaaay, Fridaaay…gotta get down on Fridaaaay.” Video of Rebecca Black - Friday Side note… wow…that video has over 108 MILLION views! What the hell!?! Well… it’s an awful song, and I never thought...
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Migs Blog: A New Look!

I am very excited...our podcast, The Migs Cast, has a new logo. I felt like it was time to freshen it up as we have used this one for a while now… The new logo is AWESOME, and further confirms my obsession with the Bitmoji App. If you haven’t checked out Bitmoji, you can make yourself into an emoj…...
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