london bridge studios

Migs Blog: Behind The scenes At London Bridge Studios

Remember a while back we decided something ridiculous and awesome…to re-record the Beat Migs theme song? If not…a few months back we went to the iconic recording studio, London Bridge Studios, with the fellas in Windowpane to make a better quality version of the song. It was one of the coolest...
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Migs Blog: Beat Migs...The Official Music Video!

Ladies & gents…it’s finally here for everyone to enjoy…the OFFICIAL music video for the Beat Migs theme song. Yup…we actually made a music video for the theme sonmg to our game, “Beat Migs”. Once again…huge thanks to Windowpane & Jonathan Plum from London Bridge Studios for being a part of...
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Migs Blog: Beat Migs - The Song!

Just the other day I wrote a blog about my experience at London Bridge Studios , the studio where bands like Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, Candlebox, and many other great bands have recorded at. We were there to record a new version of the “Beat Migs” song…and it’s now...
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