Tooth Fairy: ENGAGE

Hola Bitcholas, Ahhhhhh, the joy of children. My daughter is 7-and-a half...and it's a remarkable age. You're getting smarter everyday but still innocent and believe in magical things...like the f**king tooth fairy. Daughter lost a tooth last night. Not her first tooth to go, but this particular...
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Why You Can't Take Us Anywhere

Hola Bitcholas, Been a crazy day today. Not bad, but a little crazy. Like any job, there's always sh*t that just needs to get done (outside of the show itself) but we're trying to accelerate our production because the members of the show are off to Vegas on Wednesday night. The Vegas trip, in the...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Is On the Loose

Hola, Imagine that you and your girlfriend are walking your dog in the park. You meet another woman there, everyone hits it off and you invite her back to your place. After a few drinks, your girlfriend and the new friend offer you a threesome. You say no...and then your girlfriend stabs you...
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