When Love Hurts So Good

Hola Bitcholas, Inspired by a myriad of stories about relationships (good, bad, ugly, tragic, funny, etc) we offered up a 'fill-in-the-blank'; "The only story you need to know about the relationship is________." We fully expected to get all manner of angry stories and vitriol...but most of the...
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7 Rock Songs for Valentine's Day

So, let me paint you a picture. You did everything right this year, it is 6PM, your girl/guy just got home, you rememebered the flowers, the chocolate, the wine. Everything is perfect. Except you can't figure out what kind of music to play, because every love song is from the 50's. Or some R&B...
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Valentine’s Day

Today’s blog comes to you with a little bit of extra love Rock-A-Holics because today is Valentine’s Day! Well that and I’ve had about 6 cupcakes already so I’m feeling great. But if you need a pick me up today then you’ve got to check out this video below as I ask our elite team of lovely...
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Prodigy and Sara

The Prodigy's Blog "Do parents love their children equally?"

We all know the story. Parents say they love their children equally. There's no way they could pick a favorite among them. Turns out, it all may have been a lie. Earlier this week on the show, BJ read a new study that says about 70% of parents say they could pick their favorite child. So of course...
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