Migs Blog: Boots - Part Deux!

You would think that second time is a charm…right? WRONG. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you read how we bought shoes for our pup Lulu, so that she could go on walks when the ground is wet. Well…the first time we put them on did not go well. If you don’t recall…this was the result of our...
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Migs Blog: Spoiling Lulu!

So my wife and I are complete suckers when we go into a pet store. It doesn’t matter if it’s Petsmart, Petco, Mudbay or any other store…once we set foot in that establishment; we are buying our pup a bunch of stuff. On Saturday… we went next level with our purchases. Mind you, our only goal was to...
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Migs Blog: Lulu The Ewok

Today is a special day for Star Wars Fans...hell even I got into the spirit of it! But even more importantly…as you can see in this picture, my pup Lulu is all about today as she is dressed up as an Ewok! Ok, it wasn’t that easy to make her look that “happy” in her outfit…it took a few takes haha...
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