Mad Season

Seattle celebrates Layne Staley's birthday with two nights of music

If Layne Staley were still alive, he would be celebrating his 52nd birthday on August 22nd. This week, Seattle celebrates his life and legacy by paying it forward with two tribute shows supporting the Layne Staley Memorial Fund benefitting Therapeutic Health Services. Through THS, the fund provides...
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PNW Musicians Honor Layne Staley

Growing up, I always knew how special Layne Staley was to the Seattle music scene, and ever since I started working at KISW, I understood our community's connection to the late Alice In Chains and Mad Season frontman even more. Every year around his birthday Seattle does something super special On...
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Thrills Big Brown Blog 04-22-16

"Hola, Drummer Barrett Martin, from Screaming Trees, Mad Season, Walking Papers and most recently Levee Walkers (with Duff Mckagan and Mike McCreedy) came by the studio today. First, it should be noted that Barrett showed up with a ton of hot dogs and hamburgers. If you wanna make a good impression...
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