Mick Jagger

ROCK BLOG: Happy 74th Birthday, Mick Jagger!

74-years-old, and bad ass as ever. Entertaining the world for 56 years. Mick Jagger , we salute you. I found this quick compilation of a few interview clips with Mick. Watch for the clip where he is asked if he could see himself still doing what he's doing at age 60. Screw 60... how about 74!!...
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Rock Blog: Debauchery with the Rolling Stones

It's 1971. The Rolling Stones are coming off of their biggest album to date, 'Sticky Fingers'. They are the biggest rock band in the world. So if you’re Mick and Keith, now what do you do? Move into a big-ass villa in the South of France. Fill it with instruments, recording gear, beautiful women,...
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