Mike Hawk


Draft Picks Part 3

Another look at some of the later draft picks from last year and how they performed.
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2019 Draft Picks: Part 2

Back to taking a look at how the draft picks of yesteryear panned out!
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Seahawks 2019 Draft Picks: Where Are They Now?

How did the 2019 Seahawks Draft calss fair in the regular season?
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We're Off & Running

We've got some new talent at Running Back!
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Seahawks Breakdown: Meet Darrell Taylor

Our 2nd Draft pick of 2020, DE Darrell Taylor out of Tennessee!
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Order Up

The new Seahawks schedule was released. Let's break it down!
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Seahawks Breakdown: Meet Jordyn Brooks

We've got a slew of new talent coming into the ranks. Here's where we're going to break them down!
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It's Finally Happening!

The Seahawks have been scoring big in Free Agency, and we're finally seeing what we 12s have been asking for!
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Exit The Dragon

Due to the spreading concerns of the virus, the Seattle Dragon's season has been cut short.
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Burnin Oil

Despite the loss this weekend, this team is firing up and giving us something to be excited about in Seattle
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