Video of Bull attacks motorcycle: video shows escaped raging bull ram the crap out of parked bike - TomoNews "I got my shirt signed by Sidney Crosby... It's the best day of my life!" It's okay, buddy! We'd be just as excited. #BecauseItsTheCup — WTAE-TV Pittsburgh (@WTAE...
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Thrill's Big Brown Blog Wishes You Hadn't

Hola, A guy in China had a cockroach climb into his ear. It decided to stay there...for 3 days. Instead of going to the doctor, he spent the next 72 hours using tweezers and toothpicks trying to get it out. Eventually, he sprayed INSECTICIDE into his own ear. He probably shouldn't have done the...
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Eddie was diagnosed with colon cancer back in october of last year. Unfortunately, his family doesn't have enough money to take him to places that would better suit him to get treatment so they are forced to find what help they can in the area. They could use any and all help they can get to get...
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