Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 4th, 2018

Substratum – The Source Of All Creation Hobosexual – Trans Am Sunday Windowpane – Words and Nothing More Ten Miles Wide – Gotta Go Ten Miles Wide – Backburner Chrome Lakes – Gold and The Bronze Devils Hunt Me Down – Rusty Nail Devils Hunt Me Down – A Stark Winter Blue Helix – Anti-Social Butterfly...
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Doug Bergeson Talks About Driving Himself to the Hospital With a Nail in His Hear Video of Man drives himself to hospital with nail in heart Cameraman gets hit in the groin during Red Sox ceremonial first pitch Video of Cameraman Hit in the Groin - This cameraman at the Red Sox game on Wednesday...
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Migs Blog: Give Her A Hand!

Some magician in Poland tried to do a trick on a Polish TV show the other day, and the trick failed …and failed really, really, really bad! So bad that one of the co-hosts got her hand IMPALED on a huge nail. The nail was about six inches long and a quarter-inch thick. The magician had put a nail...
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