KISW Presents Central Welding Supply 125 at Evergreen Speedway

The Central Welding Supply 125 is taking place at the Evergreen Speedway on July 27th. The Central Welding Supply 125 will have many different types of cars racing, including super stock F8's, street stocks, hornets, and many more! Racing starts at 6pm, rain or shine, so make sure you don't miss...
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KISW Presents NASCAR Season Opener

Get Tickets to the beginning of the Nascar Season, happening this March 30th at The Evergreen Speedway. More Information HERE .
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Ted's Blog: Daytona 500

I'm going to come right out and say this, I don't really watch NASCAR. I do, however, get that a large number of people love it. So, let's talk racing! I might not be the biggest race fan, but I have hung out with buddies and people who love it and I usually end up at a party watching Daytona. It...
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