the new originals

Migs Blog: MigsCast ReCap!

This week on the MigsCast we recap my trip to Vegas…if you read yesterday’s blog you can read all about how I loved going to Cirque Du Soliel’s “The Beatles Love”…but we went to another show while we were there, Britney Spears. I’m sure some are wondering why I went to see Britney Spears… well we...
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Rock Blog: The Thrill Spill

KISW's New Originals had the pleasure of playing at the Croc on Saturday night. All was going as planned until our last song... Pretty typical for a New Originals show. Usually someone falls off the stage though, not on it. That's Glenn Cannon from Windowpane , Kyyle Cort from Superfekta , Castle...
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MIGS BLOG: The New Originals Return!

Last night we got the band back together! That’s right…the “World’s Worst Cover Band”, The New Originals are back performing (poorly) your favorite songs…and you can catch us on Saturday, March 4th at Studio 7. Get tix and info HERE . It’s been a while since we have played…and for those that don’t...
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