Nikki Sixx

Nikki Sixx Turns Photographer for Pregnant Wife's Revealing 'People' Shoot

Nikki Sixx has made a living playing bass and writing songs for Mötley Crüe , as well as other bands like Sixx A.M. , but he’s also passionate about other art forms like photography. The 60-year-old has now combined two loves into a new spread for People . Sixx was the photographer as his wife,...
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Migs Blog: Awesome Weekend!

Talk about a busy…but awesome weekend! Friday night we had our big 17th anniversary party at Louie G’s in Fife. HUGE thanks to the staff at Louie G’s…what an awesome crew, and their pizza is incredible! We had a few different kinds, but my fave was the simple cheese and pepperoni! The crust was...
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FFDP/Shinedown/SixxAM/As Lions Tacoma Dome 11.5.16

FFDP/Shinedown/SixxAM/As Lions Tacoma Dome 11.5.16 Photos - "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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