Once again, I am just going to throw out a few words to you. Tacos. Craft Beer. Summer. White River Amphitheater. The Offspring. Pennywise. Against Me!, Lit, Unwritten Law. Also $20 tickets!!! Are you interested yet? That's right, you can get all this amazing-ness for 20 bucks ! Part of LiveNation'...
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Pennywise "Never Gonna Die" Is Out Now!

May 12th! That is the day of the best punk rock festival the Northwest has seen since last year's Punk in Drublic Fest. Sabroso Taco Fest featuring The Offspring and PENNYWISE is coming to the White River Amphitheter! Tacos. Punk Rock. Craft Beer. What more could you ask for? Excited to be playing...
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7 Rock Songs for Valentine's Day

So, let me paint you a picture. You did everything right this year, it is 6PM, your girl/guy just got home, you rememebered the flowers, the chocolate, the wine. Everything is perfect. Except you can't figure out what kind of music to play, because every love song is from the 50's. Or some R&B...
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A Birthday Playlist: Pop Punk Edition

When they asked me to write this blog, my one request? That I could write about any band I wanted. Normally, I try and keep it in line with what we play on the station, but guess what? It's MY BIRTHDAY and that means you get a pop punk play list! Because it's all about what I want to listen to...
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Danny V. Pumpkin

5 (More) Songs for Halloween

While I agree with my co-hort who posted 10 songs for the season earlier. I decided to add four more, (and one repeat!) of the songs that get me in the mood . . . FOR HALLOWEEN! Halloween. My favorite holiday out of them all. I know in the rock community, a lot of you can say the same thing. There...
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