Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 30th, 2017

Botch: “Japam” Cerebral Incubation: “Ascariasis Evisceration” Arch Enemy: “The Race” Converge: “Reptillian” Haxxan: “Loch Ness Rising” Biohazard: “Urban Discipline” Terror: “Spit my Rage” Slayer: “Disciple” Children of Bodom “Damage Beyond Repair” Goatwhore: “Chaos Arcane” Cannibal Corpse: “Code of...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday September 2nd, 2017

Get The Shot – Faith Reaper Power Trip – Executioner’s Tax Origin – Cascading Failures, Diminishing Returns Unearth – Failure Cathedral – Stained Glass Horizon Enfold Darkness – Liberator of Mages Unleashed – Fimbulwinter Mastodon – Toe to Toes Sanctuary – Die For My Sins Shadows Fall – Destroyer...
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Overkill Still Thrashing the Metal Scene 3+ Decades Later

Overkill/Nile/Motive/Ye'iitsoh - Club Red - Mesa, AZ 2.26.17 Review/Photos: "Iron" Mike Savoia - www.Facebook.com/SavoiaPhotographyLive ​ Full Facebook Overkill Photo Album { Here }​ For over 33 years I've been one of the biggest Overkill fans on the planet. Never missed a show in Seattle in that...
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Concerts, Concerts, Concerts!

Welcome to 2017! In this new world of the music business how do many of the bands and musicians make money? Yip, tour tour and tour and sell merchandise to survive. So I thought I'd go through my and KISW's concert calendar and give a little shout-out to some bands coming (I'm sure I'm missing a...
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