Migs Plays With Stone Temple Pilots

Pain In the Grass was full of great memories...from watching Alice In Chains crush it on finally seeing the even having my band (Bruiser Brody) open the day on Saturday...but the greatest memory was getting to jump on stage and play with Stone Temple Pilots. This started many...
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Jam Packed August

Hello Rock-A-Holics and welcome to the first Thursday of August! I feel like summer just started and yet it’s already coming to an end. But before it goes, there are some very awesome events happening that maybe or may not have heard of. The big one, of course, is Pain in the Grass! Two days at the...
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Dreaming Of Summer

Is anyone else’s brain and body confused with the weather lately? It’s super sunny and warm one day, then cloudy and breezy the next…isn’t this supposed to be spring? Either way, those sunny moments make me excited for all the adventures I am hoping to go on this summer! Here are some of the things...
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