Is It the BEST Play In Sports?

A lot of sports have cool plays, but you could argue which is the coolest play. What is the coolest play you ask? I am talking about home runs, slam dunks, a touchdown off a long pass, even a crazy bicycle kick for a goal in soccer. First, I will start with the home run. When you're at a baseball...
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JalapeñO, It's NOT!

Hola, Today was Big Dummy day and let me get straight to it; we asked, "What is the Spanish term for a dish made of a heated flour tortilla stuffed with cheese?". The answer is 'quesadilla'. We could understand 'enchilada', 'burrito', whatever...but the answer we were given was 'jalapeno'. WTF?!?...
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Joey Deez Blog "Snow Day"

If you’ve been keeping up with the current weather forecasts like myself than today hasn’t turned out as snowing as you were hoping. It seems like every time that they say it’s going to snow a couple hours before it’s supposed to happen, they push the time back another 12 hours. I was hoping to...
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