Pinnochi-NO, She Didn't

Hola Bitcholas, It was "Big Dummy" day, and usually I take this opportunity to share our Men's Room Poll...and I will, but first I must share this one particular question and answer from earlier. The question was 'what Biblical figure was in a whale's belly for three days and three nights?' The...
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Your Worst Fast Food Experience Come True!

Hola Bitcholas, "...beans and such." That was a quote from a caller. It's not important in any way, but hearing "beans and such" made me realize just how unlikely I thought I'd hear someone say, "beans and such." That got me thinking about 'the people you're most likely to hear say, "beans and such...
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Video of Restaurant owner fires own son after he wrote fat shaming message on receipt Video of Medical Mystery: Lisa Alamia From Texas Has British Accent After Surgery Video of Cleveland Fan Eats Horse Poo | WARNING: GROSS Video of Fall Out Boy - Ghostbusters (I'm Not Afraid) (Audio) ft...
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