Sing-Song Ping Pong

Hola Bitcholas, Our 'house' band the New Originals is playing a gig this Sunday at Slim's Last Chance. It's part of an annual charity thing we do. Anyway, we're having our first practice tonight. I'm down with that. One of the songs we'd intended on playing was 'Cult f Personality' from Living...
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Practice Makes Perfectly Fine

Hola Bitcholas, Crazy day today, but that's how it goes as Redfestival approaches. In fact, as soon as the show ends, me, Ryan Castle and Thee Ted Smith are headed to band practice for the New Originals. It needs to be done. So that THIS can come true again! Until tomorrow, do what you do best and...
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Ted's Blog: A Day at the VMAC

Last weekend I got a very cool opportunity to see the Seattle Seahawks go through their final walk trough before the game on Monday night against the Buffalo Bills. As some of you may know besides just doing the Mens Room I also host a couple podcast. One podcast is my own that I call Thee Podcast...
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