Three Days of Rockin

Hola Bitcholas,​ No blog today outside of our sheer excitement and anticipation of next week's Pain in the Grass ! It'll be three full days of rock and your favorite and future favorite artists will be there. Some, we'll get to know a lot better backstage and YOU can join us for that. Oh yes, and...
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The Corn Was Far From Mellow

Hola Bitcholas, Today, Miles and arrived at work via the struggle bus. It is our own doing, but look, the way we see it, booze don't drink itself. So we did. Among other ill-advised libations, Miles introduced me to Mellow Corn. It's a Kentucky 'bourbon' that Miles brought up on the show a few...
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Dirty Advice

Hola Bitcholas, We've been doing this job for a long time and I have spent many-a-blog espousing our passion and joy doing it. We just like what we do but we are still and will always be surprised by the things that resonate with listeners. Case-in-point, the Dirty Germans. They are now a staple on...
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