Our Bucket List Interviews Are a Plenty!

Hola Bitcholas, These are the people I'd like to interview; - the man whose "penis is too small!" - the "bitch" who got "cut off!" - the bride's maid who "wedding puked" - the wedding couple when the "owl hits the window" - 'Jay'... as in, "let's reel it in, Jay!" - Not Joey Chestnut, but the guy...
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Mmm, Bee Puke!

Hola, How the hell are you? Me? Well, like yesterday, my voice is still a tin bucket full of gravel. I don't know if I was as pterodactyl-screech bad as yesterday, but it still sucked. Both my voice and how my throat feels. Before the show I went on a long, arduous hunt for that throat-coating...
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Thrills Big Brown Blog

"Hola, 15- year- old kid visiting Las Vegas went on the Freemont Street Experience Zip line. As he sailed over the throngs of people below he took the opportunity to pee on them. Then there's the poor sap who went to a funeral completely hung over. Long story- short, he ended up puking all over the...
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