punk rock

The Offspring's "Smash" Turns 25! A Playlist

25 years ago! The Offspring released an album that changed the way a lot of people listened to punk. Happy Birthday "Smash"! It is still the best selling indy record of all time, a feat that will probably never be surpassed, given the current way we consume entertainment. Of course this album means...
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Mark Hoppus

Nobody Likes You When You're . . . 47? Happy Birthday Mark Hoppus!

Okay, writing the headline for this blog kind of hurt more than it should have. But you read it correctly. Mark Hoppus of Blink 182 is 47 today. Remember when he was the annoying 20 something year old, that wrote all those snotty punk rock songs and blew up the radio? Well now he still not only...
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Warped Tour's 25th Anniversary Shows Announce Line Ups!

Warped Tour turns 25 this year. Okay I know what you are saying "But Danny, didn't Warped Tour end last year?" Technically yes, it did. Last summer marked the final cross country tour of Warped. But they are upping the anty with 3 Warped Tour anniversary shows across the country. New Jersey,...
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The Bash feat. Rancid & Pennywise Is Coming to the PNW

Concert season is coming up! And that means that February and March bring concert announcements. One of my favorite times of year. Because despite all the cold and grey weather we have now, it means sun and beer is coming! And luckily today, I woke up to an amazing concert announcement this morning...
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Green Day's "Dookie" Turns 25!

Wanna feel old? Well this blog is for you! Green Day's "Dookie" came out 25 years ago on this day! 25 YEARS. Let that sit in. The album that brought punk rock to the masses, the one you used to listen to and hate your parents, while skating and thinking you were the most rebellious kid on the block...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday December 23rd, 2018

Super Deluxe – All I Wanted Was A Skateboard MxPx – Another Christmas Dude York – Break Up Holiday Heck Yes Interview Heck Yes – Jesus Gave Up His Weekends For Your Sins Heck Yes – Pining for the Fjords Heck Yes – New Boot Goofin’ Heck Yes – Comrade 2: Comrader Heck Yes – Cirque Du So Long Heck Yes...
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A New Green Day Album? Billie Joe is Working on New Music!

It's been 2 years since Green Day have released new music. "Revolution Radio", their last effort, took them around the world, and since then the guys have been kinda laying low. Teasing fans with Instagram posts of set lists playing old Green Day albums in full. Plus, Billie Joe Armstrong started...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday October 13th, 2018

Overkill – Old Wounds, New Scars Benighted – Teeth and Hatred Cryptopsy – Fear His Displeasure Morbid Angel – This Means War Scorpions – Blackout Omnium Gatherum – The Pit Trivium – Skyline’s Severance Soilwork – Arrival Katalepsy – Evidence Of Near Death Gojira – Yama’s Messengers From The Vault...
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MxPx Releases a New Beer and Announce Bremerton Show

What goes better with new music? Why BEER of course! Luckily for you, today I have both. Yesterday, my friends in MxPx had a big day. Releasing music videos for most of their new self titled album. AND announcing their new beer collaboration with the amazing Silver City Brewery and announced a...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday September 9th, 2018

Crossing Crusades - After You Crossing Crusades - Detached Crossing Crusades - Gravity The Home Team Interview The Home Team - Wade In The Home Team - Fashion Forward The Home Team - Jack Of All Trades The Home Team - Something To Hold Onto The Home Team - Waiting Game The Home Team - Fade Out...
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