Today I decided to troll BJ. OK I do that every day…but today it stemmed from how he replied to a tweet of a dog pic that he got. Our bud Cricket tweeted a cute pic of her dog, Delaney to both BJ and I… My gorgeous Delaney had a spa day today! #westies #westiesofinstagram #westielife #westiesrule...
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Migs Blog: Spoiling Lulu!

So my wife and I are complete suckers when we go into a pet store. It doesn’t matter if it’s Petsmart, Petco, Mudbay or any other store…once we set foot in that establishment; we are buying our pup a bunch of stuff. On Saturday… we went next level with our purchases. Mind you, our only goal was to...
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National Puppy Day is TOMORROW

ROCKAHOLICS! Tomorrow is the greatest day of the year - it's National Puppy Day! This is a day to celebrate the insane amounts of LOVE puppies bring into our world. But more importantly, I encourage you to adopt a furry little love-monster to add to your family. Of course we aren't all in a place...
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