Bite a Bit of ONE

Hola Bitcholas, Today was Big Dummy day so, as we do, we conducted a Mens Room Poll. Today's poll was based on some of what we talked about on yesterday's show, when we asked, "when did food do you wrong?" You can imagine some of the answers we got...and if you can't, today's poll should clear that...
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Outmaneuver the FCC!

Hola! Another Ted vs The FCC loss was collected last time and we want to know if YOU could outdo Ted's record! Play You vs The FCC on The Mens Room app anytime and do send us video proof if you're feeling brave. Ted vs The FCC collected an L for the record last time! Outdo his skills in The Mens...
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Anything But the Laugh!

Hola Bitcholas, Big Dummy day so...wait for it...keep waiting...we conducted our world-famous, globally respected Mens Room Poll. Today's poll was inspired by a caller from yesterday. We asked the question, "Who or what ruined the moment?" Our caller regaled us with a story about a first date with...
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday December 28th, 2019

Slayer - Angel Of Death (Live) The Acacia Strain - Sin Pro-Pain - Make War (Not Love) The Top 30 Metal Albums of 2019 Countdown 30. All Out War - Gehenna Lights Eternal - from "Crawl Among The Filth" (Unbeaten) 29. After The Burial - Exit, Exist - from "Evergreen" (Sumerian) 28. Vitriol - I Drown...
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Live Day 2019

Photo Gallery: Live Day 2019 Photo Dump #2 - 11.21.19

Photos by Heather Hale!
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danny candy cane

Your Punk Rock Christmas Song Guide

Powered by It's Thanksgiving week, so that means it's a few weeks late for Christmas music. If you are anything like me, this time of year comes with some mixed emotions. I LOVE Christmas, lights, food, presents, family and friends are the best ever. However, everywhere you go, the...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday October 20th, 2019

Karmic Unrest – Virtue In Tow Karmic Unrest – Ugly and Obscene Celia – Formidable Detonator Interview Detonator – Afterburner Detonator – Blood & Glory Detonator – The Architect Kids On Fire – Next Stop Anxiety Quayde Lahue – Widowmaker Xoth – Melted Face of the Soul Year Of The Cobra – Into...
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KISW Nominated for Best Radio Station
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20 Years is a Lot of Years

Hola Bitcholas, As of October 15th, I will have been doing this radio thing for 20 years. It doesn't feel like it's been that long but that's only because I really like what I do. That said, I've always been exceptionally demanding about what I do ON radio. Silliness.​ I've been fortunate enough to...
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We’re going to do WHAT?!

DO IT LIVE! That’s what! You heard right people. Live day 2019 has been announced so break out the calendar, your phone, or whatever you use to keep your busy life in order because November 21st is going to be awesome! Tickets just went on sale TODAY and let me just say, there’s an experience...
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