This Friday : 100% of Bandcamp Proceeds Go Directly To Artists as Company Waives Revenue Share

Buy some music on Friday to support artists directly!
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MxPx Lift Your Spirits with a New Surprise Song "Worries"

MxPx has been a staple of the Seattle and PNW punk scene for almost 3 decades. Now that we are facing such a trying time with Covid, the band shows now sign of slowing down and released a new song to show we don't need no worries, we just need music!
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Husbandry Vocalist Carina Zachary On Making "Weirdo" Music, Finding Her Voice, And The Importance Of Deftones

In a world of extremely segmented mini-genres, scenes and labels, it’s refreshing when you come across a band that can’t be put into one specific category. Brooklyn-based band Husbandry certainly fits that description, as they play a unique mélange of catchy punk rock, post hardcore and metal that’...
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Code Orange Vocalist Jami Morgan Talks Switching to Lead Vocals, The World of Streaming Concerts, “Underneath” and Being A Part Of The WWE Family

Just one day after Code Orange released their brand-new album “Underneath” on Roadrunner, they were set to play a sold-out record release show in their hometown of Pittsburgh. Those plans went out the window when the entire country went into collective postponement and cancellation mode mid- March...
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Watch Wyatt Olney & The Wreckage stream LIVE from Tony V's Garage

Concert venues are struggling to navigate the uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, local bands are stepping up to help. And also keep you entertained at the same time! Find out how you can support local music and local venues!
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Sölicitör : Keeping Speed Metal Alive In Seattle

In an alternate universe, Seattle based heavy metal band Sölicitör would be out on their tour spreading the message of Northwest rock n roll throughout the country and gearing up to fly over to Europe for some big festival shows. Those were the plans at least, until we were thrust into a full-on...
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Tuesday Night Live: Year Of The Cobra To Go Live on KISW Instagram Account

Year Of The Cobra is one of the hardest working bands in the Northwest. For the past few years now, this Seattle-based power duo that plays driving, bass heavy doom-centric heavy rock n roll has been proudly representing our amazing scene throughout their adventures while touring the world...
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Streaming For Change : The Vera Project & Artist Home Join Forces For Unique DIY Benefit Event

The Vera Project is teaming up with Artist Home for a unique and awesome live streaming event this Friday (April 24th) called “Live From Our Living Rooms: A Virtual Benefit for Washington’s DIY Community.” Picture the coolest telethon event ever with a panel of excellent musicians and comedians...
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Stay Home And Rock Out To Slipknot

If you’re feeling down about not being able to get out there and go see concerts, Slipknot has provided the next best thing. Slipknot just posted their entire 97 minute set from last year’s Download Festival. Yes! Turn it up, raise your horns and STAY HOME WITH SLIPKNOT
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Binge Session : 10 Episodes Of Loud and Local You Need To Hear

As you may have heard, we here at the Rock are gearing up for Seattle Rock Day this Thursday (April 9th). Before we go any further, it’s important to point out that this week’s Seattle Rock Day is coming at a very important time for musicians here in the Northwest. That’s why we are spotlighting...
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