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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday May 26th, 2019

Dead Bars - I Need You The Sky Giants - Dream Receiver Great Falls Interview Great Falls - The Accelerationist Great Falls - Not For Sale Bodies Great Falls - Kettle Logic Great Falls - I Go To Glory Great Falls - Our Lonley Old Year Great Falls - Baldessari Height Summoned By Giants - Dying Wish...
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Three Awesome Local Rock Shows To Check Out This Weekend

It’s that time again Rockaholics! We’ve made it through the work week and now it’s time to rock the f*** out! There are a ton of badass events going on all over the Northwest this weekend, but I wanted to highlight three big shows with some of the local scenes finest bands for you to consider. On...
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Rock Blog: Pearl Jam Visits BJ & Migs!

Today was a huge day at KISW! Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Mike McCready and Stone Gossard from a little band called PEARL JAM stopped by to chat with BJ & Migs about all things Pearl Jam, Pain in the Grass, and our great partnership with their Vitalogy Foundation . Here is the full interview:...
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Ultrasound Shows Love of Metal

Apparently a love of metal is formed in the womb—for this couple’s baby, at least.While looking at their baby in an ultrasound, Utah couple Makelle and Jared Ahlin were stoked to see a little metalhead in the making.In an interview with CBS News, Makelle shared, “My husband saw it first. He told...
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Loud and Local Playlist for October 16th, 2016

Red Fang – The Smell Of The Sound He Whose Ox Is Gored – Omega Merso – Serial Killer Mos Generator – Catspaw Year Of The Cobra – Lion And The Unicorn Endorphins Lost – Choose Your Way Merso – Librium Weaponlord – Dagon​
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