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Weezer Sends a Gold Record to the Teen Girl Who Inspired it

Powered by As you have probably heard, Weezer had a huge hit this past year, and it came in the form of a cover song, "Africa" originally by Toto. It was their first number-one hit on the Alternative Songs chart in 10 years, and their first song on the Hot 100 in nine years. Needless...
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A Metallica Show Was So Loud It Woke Up Neighbors

On the morning show this morning, we talked about it being National Neighbor Day! We shared some stories about not being the best neighbors by calling 911 for Halloween decorations. You can listen to that here . Well imagine being woke up . . . by a loud concert? Well that is just what happened in...
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Check Out Metallica Covering Prince

Metallica of course on the road with their WorldWIred tour, selling out shows all over America. When on tour, I would imagine the monotony of the road and playing the same songs every night can get a bit . . . well monotonous. How do you mix things up and keep it fresh when playing so many shows?...
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Nine Inch Nails Announce a Tour and NEW MUSIC

You read it right. Nine Inch Nails are hitting the road this summer, and not only that, they are dropping a new EP on us! It is the final EP in a 3 EP series by the band. "Bad Witch" comes out June 22nd! The tracklist looks like this: “S*** Mirror,” “Ahead Of Ourselves,” “Play The Goddamned Part...
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Listen to State Champs New Song . . . Plus A New Album

Need some new tunes? How about some punk/pop/rock! State Champs are back after a quick break with a new song called "Dead & Gone". And here is the new video for it: Video of State Champs "Dead And Gone" Official Music Video Plus they announced a new album entitled "Living...
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5 Songs About Pets

Today on our show. Migs likes to give BJ a hard time because BJ is not much of a dog person. And I will even take it a step further, BJ isn’t much of a pet person in general. So what do we do on the show when we find out that something bugs our sho cohorts? We troll them about it! Migs asked...
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Prophets of Rage - First studio album out 9.15.17

Mike Savoia Were you lucky enough to see Prophets of Rage last September at White River Amphitheatre ? They had just released their debut 5-song EP, titled The Party's Over. At first, you may have been a bit confused by the collaboration of killer musicians that make up Prophets of Rage. Mind you,...
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ROCK BLOG: Happy 74th Birthday, Mick Jagger!

74-years-old, and bad ass as ever. Entertaining the world for 56 years. Mick Jagger , we salute you. I found this quick compilation of a few interview clips with Mick. Watch for the clip where he is asked if he could see himself still doing what he's doing at age 60. Screw 60... how about 74!!...
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ROCK BLOG: Rob Zombie - Rockin' our world for 32 years and counting

Mike Savoia I often get asked "Who is your favorite band/musician?". I always pause, then name off 3 or 4 different bands, but Rob Zombie always makes the cut. His music, stage antics, along with his horror movies have always been right up my alley, as I am a fan of all things horror. White Zombie...
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ROCK BLOG: Radkey @ Pain in the Grass 2017!

Get your tickets HERE to experience Radkey at Pain in the Grass 2017 on June 24th at White River Amphitheatre . If you're not familiar with them, by all means read on. Their story is fantastic... and it's only beginning!! Three brothers from St. Joseph, Missouri, all two years apart and barely in...
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