The Neverending Meetings

Hola Bicholas, I'm not a big fan of 'meetings'. Most people aren't, but UN-like most people I'm exceptionally vocal about things I hate; meetings, vegetables, New England Patriots, the length of the traffic light at the top of my street...the list goes on. Anyway, this particular week is rapidly...
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Drink for a Tremendous Cause with Us!

Hola Bitcholas, What are you doing September 14th? I'll just assume you're going to Redfestival . You like beer? You like us? You like carnival games? You like music? You like seeing one of the most beautiful mountains on this earth as a backdrop to your day? If you answered 'yes' to these...
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Use Mens Room Original Beer and Sausage to Upgrade Your Holidays!

Hola Bitcholas, The holidays are here...our beer(s) are flowing and I thought to myself, 'I should do something really cool and nice for everyone who takes the time to read my blog'. Just remember, it's the thought that counts...and I really did have the thought of doing something nice. I decided,...
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One Man's Party is Another Man's Science

Hola Bitcholas, The company Christmas party was last night and, frankly, looked like a massive success; lots of people, lots of smiles, lots of positive vibes, etc. My dumb ass had the party written into the calendar for NEXT week, so I was woefully unprepared. Nevertheless, I partook in the...
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Beer, Sausage and Be Merry, Dammit!

Hola Bitcholas, Forgot about doing a blog today...and Robin JUST asked me, "is there a blog today?" There is. I'll keep it simple; we're looking for any and every recipe you have come up with that involves our beers or sausage. Chili, dip, bread, sandwiches...doesn't matter to us, we just wanna get...
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Don't Be Hasty with That Pastry

Hola Bitcholas, Strange thing happened this morning. It was strange because someone did something nice. Sadly, niceties are a rare thing these days, but you knew that. Anyway, I was heading to Peroshky Peroshky, home of delicious peroshskis. You probably pieced that together. Ah, but as I was...
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REDFESTIVAL Pre-Party With Us!

Hola Bitcholas, Redfestival is in 10 days and, to be frank, we're starting to get kinda amped up. Happens this way every year and this year is no different. You have to understand that Redfestival is our celebration of all things Mens Room; the show itself, the beer, all of you, everyone that...
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Redfestival is Back, Bitcholas!

Hola, bitcholas! Today we got to say one of those things that we love to say; Red Festival is back! It's just that easy. Saturday, June 23rd at the Enumclaw Event Center. Same place as last year. In fact, if you missed it last year (you low-down, dirty dog!) let's go back in TIME...TIMe...TIme.....
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International Boat Meat Day, Bitches!

Hola Bitcholas, Can you feel it in the air? Is it palpable? That sense of excitement that's crackling through the ether is a direct result of today being International Boat Meat Day! Why no, I'm NOT kidding. What is International Boat Meat Day? Frankly, I'm offended that you asked, but IBM Day is a...
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Tickets for Mens Room Redfestival are on sale now. With several ticket levels to choose from, you can Redfestival pretty much however you want.

August 17, 2017