Scary Movies Moved Me

Hola Bitcholas, Random Question day but the one question that elicited the biggest response was,'what movie scared the bejesus out of you?' For me it the movie 'Alien'. Mother took me to see it when I was 10. Great movie, but it messed with me mightily. Keep in mind, at the time, my goal was to be...
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Danny V. Pumpkin

5 (More) Songs for Halloween

While I agree with my co-hort who posted 10 songs for the season earlier. I decided to add four more, (and one repeat!) of the songs that get me in the mood . . . FOR HALLOWEEN! Halloween. My favorite holiday out of them all. I know in the rock community, a lot of you can say the same thing. There...
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Gene Simmons and a Pumpkin

Something about ROCK music and Halloween just go together right? I mean the two just seem to go hand and hand. When I think of Halloween I love to create a playlist and the first bands that come to mind . . . Rob Zombie, The Misfits, Marilyn Manson . . . and KISS! But more on that later, (next week...
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