KeyArena at Seattle Center

The KeyArena sign has been removed from the Seattle Center venue

The KeyArena sign has been removed from the Seattle Center venue, soon to be replaced by one for the new Climate Pledge Arena.
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Save Our Stages

Help local music venues survive with an email to local legislators - IT'S EASY!

#SaveOurStages aims to preserve Seattle's music scene, and a quick email to our local legislators will help our favorite venues survive these unprecedented times.
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BJ & Migs L&L BAND OF THE WEEK: Bobby's Oar

When songwriter Greg Hughes left Florida’s insistent sweat for the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest, he was ready to reinvent himself. The first album from Bobby’s Oar titled ‘The Weeds In Your Garden’ captured a sincere sense of optimism, adventure, and overall positivity. The second album ‘Not...
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Talking Death Metal, Scars and Quarantine With Shelby Lermo From ULTHAR and VASTUM

Shelby Lermo is the guitarist and vocalist for the crust caked Bay Area blackened death metal band Ulthar, who recently released their 2nd album “Providence” on 20 Buck Spin. He is also the guitarist for long running Oakland-based brutal death metal band VASTUM. I recently spoke with Shelby Lermo...
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Mike Savoia Key Arena

Seattle’s Big Name Change

Seattle’s new arena has finally been named and people are going crazy about it online...
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Happy Anniversary to Slipknot's Debut Album!

21 years ago . . . yes you read that right. 21 years ago, a band, virtually unheard of by anyone from Iowa debuted their first album, and it changed rock music and pushed boundries of what was popular at the time. Now, in 2020, it still holds up. Let's celebrate!
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Key Arena is now Climate Pledge Arena

Amazon names Seattle's new arena Climate Pledge Arena

Amazon has announced Key Arena's new name will be Climate Pledge Arena, focusing efforts on Seattle's climate initiative.
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My Mid-Year Top 20 Metal Albums

It’s safe to say this year has been a huge blur. I honestly had to do a double take when I realized we are already halfway through 2020. Though we’ve all been thrown off by the complete trash fire of a year that it’s been, there have still been a ton of incredible albums released within the realms...
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Danny V

Check Out Danny V.'s From BJ & Migs Quarantine Covers!

You've seen all your favorite artists creating things during lock down and quarantine right? Well how about checking out some quarantine covers from our own Danny V. from BJ & Migs! He got together with some friends to cover some of his favorite bands!
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