Be In The Know About COVID-19

With increasing concerns about the spread of COVID-19, there will no doubt be escalating fear and speculation about what’s next. A precautionary measure may appear to signal the discovery of additional diagnosed cases of the virus when, in fact, it is simply a case of exercising care. Stay in the...
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Blast This New August Burns Red Song

Pennsylvania-based metalcore fan favorites are back with their first album in three years on April 3rd. The album is called Guardians, and if the first few singles are any indication, it will be another huge hit for the band.
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Photo Gallery: Alter Bridge - Moore Theater 2.26.20

Alter Bridge - Moore Theater 2.26.20 All photos courtesy of: "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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Ingested Brings The Brutality Back To Seattle

Ingested brought their unique brand of deathcore infused brutal slamming death metal to El Corazon on Tuesday February 11th. Guest contributer J. Donovan Malley was there to document the massacre.
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FOUR QUESTIONS with Vance Valenzuela from VALE OF PNATH

1. What’s something that you’re really getting into right now? More than ever before, I’m probably actually just really into creating music and art right now. I'm in another band now called Ritual Aesthetic. It’s much more like an industrial metal approach to music. It’s been cool to write music...
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Baroness and Against Me! are coming to Seattle

Their co-headlining tour kicks off May 1st.
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Metal Shop Playlist for Saturday February 22nd, 2020

Sodom - Remember the Fallen Kvelertak - Rogaland Body Count - Bum Rush Brain Drill - Infinite Oblivion Accept - Breaker deathCave - The Ritual Gorod - Disavow Your God Cattle Decapitation - The Geocide Megadeth - Devil's Island Lamb Of God - Checkmate From The Vault Manowar - Fighting The World (...
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Loud and Local Playlist for Sunday February 23rd, 2020

Pain Field - Apologies Pain Field - Promised Land Midnight Movie Interview Midight Movie - Bursting at the Seams Midnight Movie - Sing to Me Midnight Movie - Margins Midnight Movie - Purdy Midnight Movie - Take Your Advice Midnight Movie - Shut Up Heiress - Lasts Murder Weapons Interview Murder...
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Dirty Honey

Photo Gallery: Dirty Honey - Neumos - Seattle 2-21-20

Dirty Honey - Neumos - Seattle 2-21-20 All photos courtesy of: "Iron" Mike Savoia -
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Bradley Nowell of Sublime Would Have Been 52 This Weekend

Sublime's Bradley Nowell was a legend. Another artist gone too soon. Help us celebrate his life with some of my favorite tracks from Sublime!
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